Unarmed Security, Cocoa Beach

As an experienced and well-established security guard company, Wilco Defense Corp Corp. also provides unarmed professional security guards for low-risk situations and venues in and around Cocoa Beach. Call us now to learn more.

Elevating Security with Unarmed Precision

Introducing Wilco Defense Corp Corp., the premier source for superior Unarmed Security solutions. We think that a visible show of force isn't always necessary for effective security. Our unarmed security services are designed to offer your people, property, and assets undercover yet effective protection. You can depend on a group of extensively skilled and accredited unarmed security experts when working with us. Our employees go through extensive training to acquire the abilities needed to respond professionally and precisely to a range of security situations. To find possible weaknesses and create tactical unarmed security plans, we carry out in-depth security assessments. Our objective is to design a customized strategy that meets your specific security requirements without resorting to overt coercion.

Proactive and Discreet Protection

Proactive and covert security is the main focus of Wilco Defense Corp Corp.'s unarmed security services. Our employees are taught to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible, all the while keeping a close eye out for any threats. Without using overt force, our highly skilled unarmed security guards maintain a discreet yet effective presence, guaranteeing a safe environment. We monitor and manage entry points to your property using cutting-edge access control systems, improving security without requiring armed personnel. Our cutting edge CCTV surveillance systems monitor your properties around-the-clock, keeping an eye on things and discouraging illegal activity. Ready to embrace a covert but effective security strategy? For a private consultation, get in touch with us right now.

Want to learn how our security expertise can benefit your business? Call today and join the Wilco Defense Corp Corp. family!
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