Professional Security Services, Palm Bay

Founded in 2017, Wilco Defense Corp. is a minority owned, elite, physical security company providing customer-centric security planning and execution services in and around Palm Bay. Call today for details!

At The Cutting-Edge of Security

We are proud to be your go-to source for dependable security services at Wilco Defense Corp. Our commitment to providing customized solutions that protect your people, assets, and reputation is centered on excellence, integrity, and innovation. Having come from law enforcement, the military, and private security, our team brings decades of combined experience. Risk assessment, security measure implementation, and situational response are among our strong suits. It's critical to stay ahead of changing security risks. Our advanced security solutions are derived from the utilization of cutting-edge technology. Your security infrastructure will continue to be resilient, flexible, and able to handle new threats thanks to our dedication to innovation. We are transparent, honest, and steadfastly committed to serving your best interests, so you can rely on us to handle your security needs.

Uncompromising Integrity

Our company is built on integrity. All facets of our business operations will be conducted with the utmost ethical standards upheld. First defense for your property is provided by our professionally and highly trained security guards. Our guards are capable of managing a range of scenarios and are dexterous, watchful, and able to act quickly when necessary. To provide thorough coverage and monitoring of your facilities, our state-of-the-art surveillance solutions leverage the newest technologies, such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, and video analytics. In-depth risk assessments are carried out by our team to find potential weak points and to suggest effective risk mitigation techniques. Professional event security services are offered by Wilco Defense Corp to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of guests at both private and corporate events.

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