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The number one reason for gun related accidents are due to the lack of training and experience. We have partnered with E&O Tactical to provide professional level training on various levels from basic to advance at our joint facility. We are NRA certified and certified “K” licensed instructors. We have one of the best indoor training facilities in Brevard County to train using various scenarios. Our instructors prepared to assist with giving you the proper training for personal or home defense.

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If so, we have the proper training for you to assist with gaining experience behind the weapon, so that you are more comfortable with engaging targets in various situations. Our membership prepares you for many types of situations where you need to guarantee the safety of your loved ones.

Mandie M.

Mandie M.

Manager - Company (Undisclosed)

My facility had a threat of violence occur by a now former employee.

Wilco defense was called in to protect our staff. Will was extreamly professional and very pleasant to work with. He went above and beyond the expectations of his job title as armed security, all while blending in with the staff well enough for no one to know his reasoning for being here. Thank you Will, You always have a family here.